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Buy Lyrica online, Buy Lyrica tablets uk


This Custom Dining Table will make a statement in any home. Made from reclaimed wood, this piece is a work of art in itself. The base feature a large beam joining both legs, with a key stopper on both ends. Every table will be slightly different in wood grain, coloration, etc, as all pieces are reclaimed.

The Bench can be purchased with the table for a discounted price, or separately. I am open to different designs for the table top, just let me know what you’re looking for!

Table Dimensions: 62″w x 39″d x 31″h
Bench: 58″w x 15″d x 18″h

$50 Delivery Fee within SCOTTSDALE/PHX
$100+ For Delivery outside of SCOTTSDALE/PHX borders

Additional Information


Dining Table With Bench, Dining Table Only, Bench Only


There are no reviews yet.

Buy Lyrica online, Buy Lyrica tablets uk